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Why Use self-storage?
04 December 2013

 Why Use self-storage?


Storage has always been part of the evolutionary world. Almost all living things store their belongings to take them out when needed.
More people than you think use self-storage for their things when their garages, attics and basements are no longer enough or destroy the things by moist or mold. Using a self-storage container could be very useful for you too. But are you unsure of what you will get? Let this article brief you.
Self-storages are settled all around the UK so it will be easy for you to find one nearby. They are useful for many different things and are always secured by locks and guards. The units can be used both for short term and long term periods.

Here follows some things that self-storage is used for.
- Maybe you are moving and your new house won’t be available until a couple of days after your move. Put all your things in a container until the day that you are ready to move in.
- If you have too much stuff that you won’t need until one of your kids move out and can take those stuff with them or you are just waiting for the right time to have a garage sale.
- You are collector of paintings or fossils and your wife have forbidden you to keep all of it in the house since it takes up too much room.
- Keeping your summer furniture and hammock in during the winter and your Christmas decorations, skis, sleds and such in during the summer.
- Your son is moving from college into an own apartment and need somewhere to keep his things while looking for a new apartment.

These were just a few things that you can use a storage area for. And like I said before, to keep things in a Self-Storage will be a better choice for your things since temperature changes and in a garage it can be difficult to keep everything protected from rats, dust and cobweb. Some self-storage units are climate controlled and would be worth considering depending on what you are about to store.

You may think now “is it really safe to store all my things in a place where I cannot control it”? Well, if someone decides to break in to your garage they will get easier access there than to a self-storage unit. Plus you have your own lock and keys and you are the only one who has access to your unit. You also provided with insurance, say if any of your things were to be destroyed or stolen, it will be replaced by your storage insurance.

So, now you are a bit briefed but still don’t know if this is the way to go. Try and go online and look for yourself what your self-storage unit provides you and think about if it would be better for you to store your things somewhere else than in your own garage. Ask yourself what things are just lying around but are too valuable to sell or donate. The costs vary but if you are about to rent a storage for one month that includes insurance you will probably have to pay about ?60-?70 per 30 days depending on the size of the storage room or container. It is a good way to go if you want to store your things in a safe and good way and if you think it might be worth it, you should consider being a self-storage user too.

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