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BowRemovals.co.uk's RemovalService in Bow


Removals Bow When you're moving home or office, you can't wait until you're settled in your new location but there's a lot of work that can produce a lot of stress before you can relax. Packing, transporting, lifting, carrying and paperwork are all things you'll have to do and before you know it your dream move has turned into a nightmare but help is at hand. Call BowRemovals.co.uk on Call Now! and for an affordable price we'll help with any aspect of your move at any step of the way, whether in advance or well into your removal, we will help you with all your moving needs in Bow.

Located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, east of Charing Cross and located in the East End has been a settlement for hundreds of year. It's name stems from it's historical title of Stratford-atte-Bow, which originates from the bridge built over the River Lea during the reign of Henry I, as a personal request from his wife Matilda. Throughout history it has been know for it's Goose Fair which got so wild the authorities had to close it down. A covenant of Benedictine nuns from the area were immortalised by Chaucer not long prior to his writing of the Canterbury tales. Bow porcelain was of the highest quality and could easily match what was produced abroad. The Bow China Works was hugely successful but closed around 1776 and production was moved to derby. Bow's match factories played are is connected with the beginnings of the Suffragette movement with the match girls strike of 1888 in which the female workers fought for better conditions and later in 1903 Sylvia Pankhurst setting up her own spin-off of the group and later established a nursery and clinic at the outbreak of the First World War. During her tireless fight for women's rights she spent time in Holloway Prison but she would succeed in improving conditions in the East End in her lifetime.

Removals Companies Legend has it that one must be born within earshot of the bells of Bow Church in order to be a true Cockney, however this was a misattribution and actually referred to the St Mary-le-Bow church, three miles west of Cheapside. The bridge over the River lea is one of the major features of the borough which has been expanded upon since it's humble beginnings to become a modern four lane flyover. Bow is located near Stratford, Bromley-by-Bow, Victoria Park, Mile End, Leyton Mile, Old Ford and End Park.

St Mary's Church is one of Bow's main landmarks. Located on Bow Road, parts of the church go back to 1311 and has been rebuilt and expanded on throughout time. A statue of former Prime Minister William Gladstone is found near the church and a tribute to late MP George Lansbury is situated on Bow Road. Kingsley Hall and Bromley Hall are found not far from the area. The Bow Arts trust provides local studios for emerging artistic talent and help to support community renewal in East London.

House Removals Bow When you're about to move into the Bow area remember to give us a call on Call Now!. We'll help you with every step of your move. Giving advice and containers when packing, transport, and services for moving your belongings. Our prices are affordable and fair, and our services are customised to suite your needs. We'll take the edge of your move making it easy and fun so you can concentre on integrating and getting to know and love the Bow area, so contact us for all your moving needs.