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Bow Furniture Removals


Furniture Removals UK Packing for a move can be a time consuming process. You don’t realise how much you own until you have to sort it all out and put it all together, so once all the smaller things are sorted then you assume preparing your furniture should be much less hassle. However there are many things you need to consider such as taking it apart to make it easier to move, the vehicles that will transport them, carrying them out of your old property and into your new without doing damaging to the item or the building, not to mention the safety of the individual. Once you take this into account the prospect of moving your furniture can be daunting but help is available with BowRemovals.co.uk.

We are an expert moving company with experience in covering all aspects of a move, including furniture removals. We can solve any and all problems pertaining to furniture removal. You may of considered simply buying new furniture because it seemed easier than moving your old stuff but we make everything simple. We will help you with the initial packing, providing you with advice and the necessary materials to wrap them such as plastic wrap that can protect your furniture from all sorts whether it be water, heat and tears but you could use your own things to protect them such as spare blankets and sheets. Though before all this it is worth considering if your item won’t need to be disassembled first. If you can’t do it we can and we’ll make sure not to break or scratch anything when we take it apart and rebuild it for you.

Transportation is the next thing to consider. If you have your own or you want us to provide suitable vehicles we’ll help you to load your things properly so that they are safe inside the transport. We’ll also carry the things onto the trucks/vans/etc for you carefully so that nothing is broken and no one is injured. Our drivers will get your things to where you want them without issue and on time so that your things are where they’re needed when you need them. Whenever you want your furniture moved give us a call. You may do it before or even after your move but we will transport them as soon as you want and if you wait we have secure storage facilities that can hold your things until you require them.

Furniture Removal Services Once your furniture has arrived at your new location we won’t abandon you as we will unload, unpack, sort, move and assemble your goods wherever you need them. We will take all the same precautions we did when loading, packing, moving and assembling so before you know it your new home or office is ready for you. Our teams are experienced with moving furniture inside a building so you need not worry about damage or if you think you don’t have the room for your existing furniture as we’ll find a way to help you.

All these services are tailored to your needs, as we will only do what you want us to do. If you want some support in one area or you want us to take care of the whole thing then we’ll accommodate you. You’ll only be charged for what service you need so pick a plan that is suitable. BowRemovals.co.uk’s staff are friendly, hard working and dependable they will go to any length to ensure that your move is as smooth and swift as possible so call us today; Call Now!.