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Hugo D. 16 May 2024
With their help, we were able to complete the entire moving process much sooner than anticipated, without compromising on quality or safety of our belongings.
Marissa H. 22 Apr 2024
Moving with your company was a positive experience thanks to the exceptional service provided by the team.
Adrian Mays 27 Mar 2024
The straightforward and transparent pricing structure from this company made it easy for us to understand what we would be paying for.
Louise F. 11 Mar 2024
I am grateful for their hard work and dedication, which resulted in a perfectly executed move that exceeded my expectations.
Julie M. 28 Feb 2024
Helpful with moving! Guided me efficiently and accurately!
Lola N. 11 Feb 2024
I highly recommend this moving company for anyone seeking top-notch service during a move. They were prompt, efficient, and took great care of everything.
Louie V. 01 Feb 2024
I am grateful to have found Bol Removal Company - their reliable service and comprehensive equipment have made all my moves a breeze.
Carla W. 22 Jan 2024
If you want a smooth and organized move, Bow Moving Service is the perfect company to choose. They were fast and kept everything in order.
Senior. J. 05 Jan 2024
From start to finish, my move was handled with efficiency and care by the team at Bol Removal Company.
Leanna 11 Dec 2023
Choosing Bow Moving Service was the best decision we made for our move, they exceeded all expectations by managing everything effortlessly, according to schedule and without damaging any of our possessions.
Ellie Olsen 03 Nov 2023
From sales to delivery there was an admirable level of professionalism, courtesy and assistance provided by the team.
Kim F. 18 Jul 2023
This firm sent over a top team of house moving specialists. They'd handled large-scale moves before and knew just what to do. I was happy to leave them to it and received a top moving service.
Michael Carter 16 May 2023
I give lots of thanks to Removals Bow, they completed nearly every aspect while I helped a tad bit - lucky for me, their rates were equitable!
Reba Hudson 03 Apr 2019
Spoke to loads of people for moving company recommendations and Moving Company Bow came up multiple times so booked with then and are delighted.
Denise P. 18 Jul 2016
If I had to thank Moving Company Bow for one aspect of their removal service it would be their efficiency. I hired their man with van service to help with a relocation and they were on the ball. A team arrived on time and they had everything they needed. They got to work instantly and were able pack and shift every object with ease. The vans were loaded and everything was taken to my new house in no time. They made the job look easy and made sure it was all done on time. This is a quality moving service that I suggest everyone looks into.
Christopher W. 27 Feb 2015
I was so happy with the removal company called BowRemovals I used to do my office removal. I was dreading it and knew there was a lot to arrange with the safe packing, loading and delivery as well as getting it all set up at the new place. But, I needn't have worried it all went extremely well with no problems. The staff was experienced and did a super job taking care of everything. A really excellent service and done at a really good price. I will be letting everyone know about what a professional and dedicated company these guys are.
Andrew H. 15 Jan 2015
With the office relocation happening in under a month, I really had to get the team organised for the move. Every pitched in and did their bit, but there was still the issue of getting all our furniture and bulky office supplies to the new office space. A client recommended BowRemovals as they specialised in office removals. They were a great choice and they were really professional during the move. The whole moving day was a seamless transition thanks to their help.
Alayna 03 Dec 2014
I had a lot of things to move into my fiance's house but we were also planning our wedding at the same time, so we were hard pressed for time. When I talked with the people from BowRemovals, I told them what I needed moved and where I needed them placed. By the time I came back, they had taken care of everything and I was really pleased at the wonderful job they did. Thank so much guys!
Tracey Barnes 10 Sep 2014
Cheers lads at BowRemovals for the dedication towards my man and van move. It could not have been easier. So if you need help with your move, this removals company will be delighted to help you. They helped me! The man and van service I have to admit is just brilliant. It is really affordable and so inexpensive and I could not be more over the moon! It is tough finding a good enough removals company that meets all your needs but I really feel like I found one!
Charlie L. 25 Jul 2014
I chose BowRemovals as a solution to my self storage problems and I couldn't have made a better choice! This removals company specialises in self storage solutions, and the staff member I dealt with was very polite, friendly and experienced. It was easy to hire a self storage unit, and I was given a few different choices when it came to size, location and even contract length and payment type. I'm really happy with this professional and efficient service, and I can't recommend them enough if you're looking for a little bit more storage space in your life!
Donna Cooper 07 Jul 2014
I am very pleased by how well it all went on our recent removal with BowRemovals and found them to be a great team to have around whilst it was all going ahead. There is a huge amount to be said for ensuring that you get a removals team that you get along with involved on a move like ours, and they really did transform the move form a nightmare in to a dream come true. I was very impressed by their hard work throughout the job, and will be using them again!
Cindy Stokes 26 Jun 2014
I've had a look around here and I thought that I'd add my praises to BowRemovals for the good work which they did recently on my move. I was worried about how to approach the moving between houses as it's not something I've really done in a long time. Their team walked me through it every step of the way and were really helpful with everything that I could possibly want. With their help, I was really excited for the move and will be passing their details along to anyone and everyone who mentions moving home to me now.
Liv Moore 11 Jun 2014
Haven't yet moved house, but my partner and I have already enjoyed the services of BowRemovals in a few regards already - and we're eagerly awaiting moving day, because our experience has been so good so far! To date, they've supplied us with moving accessories, and packed our belongings for us. They even helped us draw up guides which mean we will never be in doubt as to where a particular item is! The help has been comprehensive, and they've always been happy to speak to us over the phone.
Jeremy Dickson 13 May 2014
I have had a bad history with removal companies. It's a shame because once you've had a few bad experiences, you tend to ignore using any others. You think all removal companies are awful. BowRemovals made me realize that not all companies are the same. This company was indeed the best I'd ever found. I can't believe I have found such a professional and reliable removals company in the area. I couldn't be happier, I really couldn't. All in all, I couldn't speak highly enough of this superb removals company! Give them a try and see what you think!
Margaret 29 Apr 2014
Finding the right help when moving home is so important. Every time that I've moved in the past, there's always been something that's gone wrong, either something the movers have done wrong or something that they've not know how to deal with. All this means that I never really know how best to tackle moving home and I'm always left disappointed in some respect. That was until I found BowRemovals. They made a big difference to my most recent move and had the services and knowledge to really deliver an excellent service. Cannot praise them highly enough, great company.
Bradley Weaver 15 Apr 2014
Having a great bunch of guys working with you on a removal seems like an unlikely thing to happen, but in reality, this is what I got form BowRemovals! The staff were a laugh to have around, but that did not get in the way of a great removal going ahead, and given that there were no hiccups to speak of, the whole thing was easy as well as friendly! Being relaxed on a removal is a wonderful thing, and not something that I ever expected to happen in reality, so it was excellent to have found this lot! Great move, great value, lovely team!
Avery Tanab 29 Mar 2014
I wanted a reliable and professional removal company to transfer my stored belongings to my new home after living overseas for 2 years. I had heard of a company with a good reputation through my brother, so chose to call them. BowRemovals were great to deal with, from the first appointment to arrange a quote to the actual move. The price they charged was good value for money and the work force were polite and did a good job. The entire move went without a hitch and nothing was broken, and it all arrived safely at my new place.
Todd 19 Mar 2014
Getting the best moving services was a big deal for us this time. Last time we moved we had a bit of a nightmare and needless to say, it put us off moving home for quite a bit. When our dream home became available though, we had to take our chance and that mean trying to find someone to help us move. We talked to a lot of companies, but only BowRemovals managed to make us feel entirely happy and this continued throughout the moving process. A great experience and at a great price as well. Thanks.
Christopher Russell 28 Feb 2014
It's one of those things when moving home that you just forget how much stuff you have. I was shocked when I saw BowRemovals packing everything onto the lorry and I was even more amazed that they managed to get everything done so quickly. They made light work of what seems to me, now, to be a great deal of useless things, so I thought I would be best to recommend their services to anyone who needs help shifting a lot of possessions from one home to another in a speedy and cost effective manner. Excellent service.
Mildred S. 10 Feb 2014
No matter what your problem, it seems, the guys at BowRemovals really know how to make your move as simple and as straight forward as possible. I'm not sure my move way anything more than the bog average, but the whole team were simply excellent in being able to provide me with exactly what I needed, and to remain utterly professional throughout the entire procedure, meaning that I was moved into the new home in a really easy way, and I'm still there, settled already. All thanks to them, thanks again, guys.
Owen Rhys 31 Jan 2014
The two movers who worked on our move were absolutely brilliant! They were both so professional from start to end, yet managed to still remain friendly which set us at ease. As my parents were giving up the home they had lived in for more than 3 decades, it was a very emotional time for us all. These guys showed such sympathy and were 100% supportive for the whole appointment. They worked very hard and took utmost care not to damage any items, their constant reassurances to my parents that their belonging would be safe was wonderful. In these times, it is rare to find such caring people within any service industry.
Daniel Davidson 21 Jan 2014
Moving into a new office is a horrible task to deal with on your own, and I was really feeling the pressure when I had to deal with my own office relocation! I called BowRemovals and they were able to help me out straight away, which made everything a lot easier. My employees and I managed to move quickly and efficiently without the short hiatus having an effect on the company. I couldn't be happier with this affordable and professional office relocation service - thanks so much to all of the staff and movers that helped me during this time!
Juan B. 07 Jan 2014
Moving house is a low point for me. I simply can't deal with the stress of it all, and find that I end up burying my head in the sand, and everything goes wrong! Therefore, I hired a company who would let me do exactly that! BowRemovals were a dream! They simply took over and pretty much did everything for me! I didn't even need to pack! For the service, the price was excellent, and I am proud to say that I would use them again and again. Hopefully my review gets them more business in the not so distant future, but preferably not on a day when I need them!
Cynthia U. 28 Dec 2013
I needed a reliable moving company to move my furniture and other large items. I needed storage units but also packing support. I called BowRemovals after hearing about them from a friend and was immediately impressed by the level of expertise among their staff and quality of their service. They were able to expertly wrap any belongings that couldn't be packed up to ensure that there was no damage during transportation. Their storage units were protected, secured and temperature controlled so I felt comfortable leaving my belongings there. I would absolutely recommend BowRemovals for any removal services you may need.
Silvia Kelly 18 Dec 2013
Working with BowRemovals made my office move simple and hassle-free. They were able to make all the arrangements beforehand so that the move was organized. I needed to get my office move quickly and didn't have much time to spend on the packing process. The team at BowRemovals were excellent and able to get the job done in no time. I didn't have much business down time, which was extremely important to me as I wanted to keep my business running during the moving process. They were really accommodating and affordable, so I would undoubtedly suggest them.
Rose M. 05 Dec 2013
I am delighted to report that I had an excellently easy and simple move recently. I'm not just gloating, as I know it is a rare thing, but rather admitting to the fact that it was all down to BowRemovals who helped with the removal. The team were extremely friendly and were lovely to have around, as well as being top notch at removals! If it was not for them I would have been really rather stuck, so it was lovely to have them help out. I would suggest that anyone looking for a great removals company should ring them as soon as possible!