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How Safe Can You Make Your House Removal?
28 November 2014
If you have hired a reputable moving company or a man with a van, you probably think that you done everything you can to assure that your move goes smoothly and with the least problem. However, this is not a guarantee. Between booking a service and moving into your new house, a number of things can go wrong with your relocation, if you are not careful enough to think ahead. Here we list some of the common issues that house movers usually face so that you can be adequately prepared for them.1.    Is your company approved by a removals industry regulating body?The most obvious step you can take to ensure you get quality service is to ensure that the removal company you hire is a member or is approved by wither the British Association of Removers (B.A.R.) or The National Guild of Removers and Storers Ltd. (NGRS). These institutions insist that their members abide by a strict code of practice, which means that not only are you guaranteed to receive high standards of safety and service from your company, but that they will be more willing to take responsibility if something should go wrong. If your company was once approved by either of these bodies but are not now, find out why. 2.    Do they directly employ their own trained staff or do they hire externally? If they do hire externally, under what conditions?A good removal company will ensure that your possessions are being handled by people who know what they are doing. This means that their staff will probably be regularly employed by them and will have received adequate training in the kind of removals the company practices. Some companies will often hire moving vans and movers from outside for cheap labour. This could compromise the quality of service you receive as they might not feel responsible for handling your belongings carefully. If your chosen company does do that, find out if this is a regular practice or only on occasions when there are emergencies and they are short-staffed.3.    What does their removals service include?The most crucial part of moving with a company is to see how they handle your belongings. There are some services that you must make sure they offer- such as assembly and disassembly of furniture, covers for furniture, mattresses, banisters, doors etc. Some companies also provide the additional facility of being able to transport some of your clothes while hung in covers on specialist frames. This is very helpful for moving clothes that you don’t want to fold.4.    How many testimonials did they get in the last two months?If you have not gone to the company on personal recommendation of a friend, you should definitely look at testimonials from previous customers. The company’s website might not be an entirely neutral place to look, so search on review websites that are devoid of company interference. When looking at customer feedback, put special weightage on the reviews that the company has gathered within the last month or so.5.    Do they have a good cancellation policy?You will probably have paid some amount when booking the service, but if by any chance you have to cancel your move or postpone it to another day, you should not have to pay twice for house removal. When choosing a company, make sure they have a postponement or cancellation charges waiver that will allow you to cancel or postpone for a small sum and refund the rest. A good removal will not cost you more than necessary.

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