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Removal companies: Should you hire one?
04 December 2013

Removal companies: Should you hire one?


Once you’ve made the ever difficult decision to move house, there’s always other questions to ask yourself, such as ‘should I do things myself?’. While it may be in you and your wallet’s best interest to hire yourself a van and take the matter into your own hands, using a professional mover may be the better option for a few reasons;

Safety and security

Professional movers are, as they’re described, professional. So you have the added piece of mind that your possessions are in safe hands. Some movers will even disassemble your larger goods and reassemble them when you arrive, and even handle the packing. Make sure you see what services are available before you expect such things, however. Keep in mind that they’ll also handle the heavy lifting, so there’s no need to put your back out.

You also have to consider the insurance in the unlikely event your goods are damaged during transit. If you handle removal yourself, it’s all on you, if the professionals let it happen, it’ll be bad for business, so they include the cost of cover in the removal fee. Do you really want the headaches of replacing your chest of drawers yourself to add to the worry of moving home?

Less stress

You don’t have to put all of that extra effort into transport rental, making sure you’ve got the right amount of storage capacity, making sure you’ve got fuel, insurance and all of those other worries. Why? Because the removal company will be handling it. That leaves your mind clear to worry about your family’s needs and other aspects of the move, such as what’s going to happen once you arrive.

This allows for more accurate and meticulous planning, and gives you extra time to spend with your family in the area you’ll be saying goodbye to. Professional removal workers are also expert time-keepers, and will make sure that your move doesn’t take longer than is inconvenient to you.

They’re more experienced

Let’s face it, even with all of the planning in the world, a removal done by yourself is not going to go as smoothly as a team of trained movers. They’ve done this a thousand times over and know all of the tips and tricks of the trade to guarantee a worry free and timely job, as long as they’re a reputable moving firm. Always do research beforehand.

May be cheaper than you think

Depending on your circumstances, renting a van and all of the costs associated with it may stack up, and you may end up not saving as much as you would hope. For example, you might require multiple trips, this is not only stressful and a giant waste of time, but will cost more in fuel and risks more of your possessions being lost or broken.

With a reputable moving firm, they offer flat rates for distances. So as long as you know how far you’re travelling and the average fuel consumption of the van size you’ll be using, you can budget accordingly. See if it will cost a great deal less in the long run to do it yourself, or to leave it in the hands of trained professionals.

So, as you can tell, there’s a lot of things to consider, but at the end of the day, it all depends on your circumstances. If you want less stress, and don’t mind paying a little more, then a removal firm is just a telephone call or email away. It’s just some extra piece of mind, it’s all up to you.

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