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House Removals Do Not Have To Be Stressful
04 December 2013

House Removals Do Not Have To Be Stressful


We often dread moving house. With so much to do and plan it can feel very stressful and something we would rather avoid than actually get on with. But house removals do not have to be stressful – by following this guide you’ll find relocation an easy event rather than a nightmare.

Before you actually move, the preparation and organisation are what takes the most time, so make sure you did this part properly. Moving house is a great opportunity to have a good old fashioned clear out and de-clutter; you won’t want to move everything after all. It’s difficult to find the time to have a clear out during the year so take advantage of moving to get rid of that junk you really don’t use or need.

Start with one room in turn, trying to de-clutter every room at once will only cause you more stress. Clothes are always a big space waster, so save space by donating to your local charity shops any clothing you no longer wear. It might be that you’re packing for the whole family, so get the children involved in this. Too small? It has to go! Stop holding onto clothes that you love but no longer wear, they will only take up precious room and could go to a much better home for a great cause.

Ensure you know the amount of goods you are moving before you plan your removal. If you’re hiring help, they will need this information as soon as possible as this will help them to work out what size van they need. Or if you’re doing a DIY removal, you’ll need to know if you need to hire a specialist van or any equipment. As time-consuming planning is, it’ll save you time and money in the long run as the last thing you’ll want is the wrong sized van on the day of removal.

Get hold of some second hand cardboard boxes and crates for packing. These are so easy to get hold of and perfect for an ethical removal. Wrap fragile items carefully and individually and try to pack them in durable plastic boxes (only if you need to) or taping up hardwearing cardboard. Padding boxes with bubble wrap and towels is also a good idea to prevent damage and wear and tear. You’ll find packing carefully and efficiently will help you to avoid breakage’s and will make unloading and unpacking a lot easier.

Avoid trying to move furniture and heavier goods alone as you could risk injuring yourself. Hire professional help for this or look up some health and safety instructions online and ask friends, family and/or neighbours for help. Remember, if you’re on a budget, not all removal services cost an arm and a leg. They can tailor make services based on your every need, so speak to companies and gather quotes before totally trying to go it alone. DIY removals are cost-effective but can cost you more money in the long run if something were to go wrong; consider this before you try it!

Once you have packed up your goods, label the boxes to save any confusion on the day – by doing so you’ll find unpacking a lot easier and quicker. Double check each room in your home and ensure nothing is left behind. Also take the same opportunity to check plugs, windows and lights as well as last minute meter readings and pay off those bills. Leaving all of this to the day of removal will probably cause stress rather than prevent it so do so at least a week before and double check the day before or on the day if you have time.

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