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Find Happiness when Moving to House - Hire Professional E3 Moving Company
04 December 2013

Find Happiness when Moving to House – Hire Professional E3 Moving Company


The idea of finding happiness when moving to E3 is an ideal that many of us Londoners will empathize with, having to hire a professional moving company however is a step in the wrong direction for many, as the laborious and intensive process of the actual E3 move can be one strain too many! E3 is a wonderful part of the city, with the old Victorian terraces of Bow, and the proximity to the green open spaces of Victoria Park, it is a great place to set up a home, and it is increasingly becoming the homestead for many of London’s coolest people, who are attracted by its beautiful landscapes and trendy shops and cafes. If you are moving in to the area, then you will likely have great taste and be bringing with you a great deal of nice furniture and beautiful belongings, so using a professional moving company will be a requisite, despite how boring it may be to organize. We will try and put some fun back in to the process by doing the boring planning for you, letting you concentrate on making your new home a wonderful place to live.

Finding the right mover for you is pretty easy; it just takes a little research and some patience. Start by consider what kind of service you need. Some firms are more suited to small moves in London, and others will be used to dealing with large homes that are being moved a long distance. Selecting the right company can mean a better price and a more useful service, so look in to what each company offers, and how much they charge for their various services. When you have selected a few companies who are nearby, then you can get them to come round and have a look at how much stuff you need to shift. You will get a good idea as to how much your quote will be from talking to them, but ask for a solid quote on the spot, which you can compare and contrast with any other quotes you receive. These comparisons should give you a good idea as to how much you really need to spend, and will put you in a good place in which to barter down a price that you can afford.

Another useful tool is the online review. Only look at independent review sites that are not affected by the wishes of the companies. Here you should find a variety of reviews from real life customers who will report on their experiences with each company, giving them a star rating and mentioning particular things that happened to back the rating up. Avoid any companies that are consistently marked down, or always seem to be late or lazy. Look out for companies that do well across the board and are always scored highly. Larger numbers of good reviews are more important than a few glowing ones in amongst some bad, as they prove consistency, which is vital for knowing exactly what you are in for.

When you have found the right mover E3 for you, plan the whole thing in a good level of detail, letting the team know where all of your heavy items are, and where they need to go in the new place. This sort of planning will mean that you save a lot of time in the long run, and even a bit of money, as using a professional removal service E3 will save any damages, and will be insured against them, should anything happen.

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