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Choosing a Man with a Van - 5 Handy Tips
04 December 2013

Choosing a Man with a Van – 5 Handy Tips


Although removal companies are often the first to be considered when it comes to moving home, there are many situations where hiring a man with a van can be more beneficial to your removals process. Following these tips can help you determine whether hiring a man with a van is preferable to using a removal company, and the best way to go about it.

How much do you need to move?

The amount of items that you need to move will have a big impact on how much help and transport space you need. Moving a whole family’s possessions will require a lot more space than one person, for example. If you are a student moving into halls of residence or a flat share, then a man with a van will be a better choice as you will save money. That said, an extra van can be very useful in big moves too, if you need to operate outside an agreed schedule with a removal company for any reason, and will not cost you the earth for doing so.

How much flexibility do you need?

Sometimes things happen out of your control, no matter how organised you have been. In these situations during the removals process, a man with a van can be a real life saver. They are normally happy to accept short term contracts, whether for a few hours or a day, and offer competitive rates for doing so. Another advantage is that you will only be charged for the time you use. If you’re making a move to another property in the same city/town that is not too far, for example, a man with a van could be a preferable choice to a removal company, who will more often than not charge by the day regardless of when the removals process is actually completes.

Cost and convenience

As mentioned, removal companies will often charge you by the day, so if your removal is not expected to take very long, or if you want to put some items in storage, a man with a van is often the best solution. Also, hiring a man with a van is often cheaper than hiring one yourself, and much more straight forward, as you won’t need to fill in forms, pay a deposit or pick the vehicle up. As an added bonus, you get an extra pair of hands in the form of a professional.

A Personal Touch

While many removal companies do offer good service, they deal with many removals on a daily basis, and sometimes might not be able to cater to your specific needs as well as you might like. The advantage of using a man and van hire is that you can speak directly with the person that will be packing and transporting your items, and can make clear what concerns you might have about delicate items or how certain things should be transported, knowing that they will be taken into account.

Choosing the best service

Local telephone directories have a good selection of man and van services, as well as local papers. The internet also offers many options for choosing your man in a van. Don’t be afraid to ring around and get quotes – this way you can see who offers the cheapest service and even haggle based on competitors prices. Lastly, word of mouth can often point you in the direction of a good man with a van, so check with friends/family, and anyone you know has moved home recently to find a reliable and trustworthy service.

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