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Storage When Moving House
03 April 2014
Knowing how to store your items is one thing, knowing the best way to store them is another. Sure, you may just be set to take everything to the self storage place in town and get it all shifted into a unit, ready to be forgotten about until you have the time to get them sold on, or thrown away. Of course, during this time, there will be a monthly cost that can be quite crippling if you do not have the best value for money on your storage unit. The issue is not that you don’t have any other options, but that there is a wide lack of knowledge about storage options, simply because it is not something that people really give a huge amount of consideration. If you knew the types of savings that could be made however, you would no doubt want to ensure that you were well in the know! For a start, have you ever heard of mobile storage? This is a form of storage used widely in various industries, but rarely for domestic use. This essentially involves a storage unit being delivered to your door, which removes a large amount of the difficulties associated with storage in the first place. With self storage, the main hassle is with getting everything to the unit in the first place; you will no doubt have concerns about the cost of the van you need to hire, or the size of it; will everything fit in, or will you have to make two trips? With a mobile storage unit, a large metal container is delivered to your home, and you are free to fill it up as you wish, which can make for a much easier time. Once the delivery charges have been paid, the monthly rental will usually be a lot less than with self storage, as the demand is often a fair bit less. You will of course have to deal with having a large metal container on your property, which does not work for everyone...Crate storage is basically a cross between mobile and self storage, in that the unit is delivered, but it does not stay on the property. With this method of storage, a series of large wooden crates are delivered to your property, and you fill them as you see fit. The crates are then nailed shut and taken to a warehouse, where they are stacked in a way that makes them very hard to access. Whilst this may sound like a bad thing, it can be viewed positively; the inaccessibility of the units means that they are very hard to burgle, where as self storage units are often only protected by a single padlock. The way in which the crates are stacked also makes the most of the ground space, meaning that the retail of the units is a lot cheaper than the self storage units... You simply have to book an appointment to view the contents of your unit should you wish to, and this essentially means that if you are well organized, there is little difference to self storage, other than the ease in loading and the lower price. So there you have it, two alternative methods of storage that can make your life a lot easier as well as potentially cheaper during your domestic removals. Remember, these things are always subjective, and you will sometimes find that your move may be different in terms of prices to the things remembered above. The tips serve as a guide, rather than solid basis for your removal.

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