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Tips to Save on Removal Boxes When you Move Houses
04 December 2013

Tips to Save on Removal Boxes When you Move Houses


Families that have relocated in the past, or are planning to do so soon, can attest to the fact that moving to a new home is a combination of several stressors: there is shortage of time, there is so much to do, there is the emotional upheaval of leaving the current life behind and above all else, relocating is a very expensive activity to undertake.

It goes without saying that the size of your house and the amount of luggage you have will determine how much money you will be spending on the removal and whether or not you hire professional packers and movers will significantly alter your expenses. However, regardless of these factors, moving to a new home costs quite a lot of money. Most families are on a budget, and in this present economy, everyone is looking for tips and ways to save money wherever possible. One of the biggest expenses when you move is that of packaging materials. Removal boxes are usually very expensive, and if you are hiring a packers and movers team to do the removal for you and are also buying the packing materials from them, you will be looking at quite a sum.

It is good news then, that there are quite a few things that you can do in order to save money on removal boxes. It might seem like an extra effort for minimal gain at the beginning, but when you do your calculations you’ll discover just how much money can be saved with a few prudent decisions regarding packing materials!

The first step is to look in your own things. If you have moved homes before, chances are that you might still have packing materials and supplies left over from last time. If you don’t have any packing boxes lying around the house, make a mental note to save the ones you do get for this move. They come in handy for storing things around the house and will also help you save money if you move again sometime in the future.

The next step is to ask friends and family. You’d be surprised by just how many people have spare cardboard boxes and cartons lying around in storage. If you have neighbours who moved in recently, ask them if you can use their packing materials. Most people will be only too happy to be rid of extra things, but if you do feel the need, you can always buy them from friends, family and neighbours at discounted rates. You will still be saving a lot of money.

After you have checked with people you know, start asking around at vendors’, local stores, local supermarkets, grocery bazaars, craft stores, liquor stores, appliances showrooms and drug stores. Most such retailers actually dump dozens of these boxes on a daily basis. All their goods and supplies are delivered in cardboard boxes and cartons and once the products are up on the shelves, the boxes are of no use to the store staff. Most store managers will be very happy to help you out if you ask them nicely. You’ll also be doing them the favour of not having to fold and flatten the boxes and then pay to have them recycled or give them to the dumpster. The best part is you will be able to find boxes in lots of different sizes.

When you’re taking used boxes from people, don’t take boxes that have any odours. Even the ones that smell nice or have a mild perfume or scent to them should be avoided, unless you’re certain that the smell won’t transfer to your belongings or you don’t mind if it does. Also, while you are saving a lot of money and getting boxes second-hand, do keep an eye out for quality and condition. You don’t want to compromise the safety of your belongings for the sake of saving some money.

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