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Sturdy Moving Boxes - Essential for a Successful House Removal
04 December 2013

Sturdy Moving Boxes – Essential for a Successful House Removal


An essential part of moving house that may often be overlooked comes with the territory of your possessions, and the way that they are packed. The interface between your belongings and the person who moves them is often a key ingredient in the chain which can be neglected, but if it were to fail, you would be in some serious trouble. That’s right, I’m talking about boxes. Sturdy moving boxes are essential for a successful house removal, as they are the unlikely building blocks of your move, forming the base layer upon which you will load everything, ready to be transported. Here are some hints and tips as to why you need sturdy new boxes, and why you should avoid using old recycled boxes, despite the potential cost difference.

When you are moving house there are always hidden costs, and with hidden costs come sky rocketing expenses, which you would do well to avoid. Many of us will attempt to break free of these disastrous bills by cutting corners, and adopting a make do and mend approach to a move, using DIY where ever we can. While this is fine in some instances, it is imperative that you do not skimp on certain elements of the move, and one of them is your boxes. The realistic savings involved in using old boxes are actually quite low, as when you are attempting to get hold of boxes for free, they will rarely be available in the quantity that you need, and almost never will they be delivered to your door. Therefore, you will likely rack up fuel costs in order to get hold of your free or cheap boxes in the first place! Given that this cost is present from the start, considering the risk that you undertake when using these used boxes, it hardly seems worth it! Free or cheaper boxes will almost always have been used. If they have not, then go right ahead, as free new boxes will be as sturdy as costly ones, but be very wary of why they are free whatever the previous owner say. Many boxes that have not been used will likely have been damaged while in storage, usually by wet weather, which will render them much weaker.

The difference between used and unused boxes is remarkable. The packing process always involves enough wear and tear to weaken the boxes for the second time that they are used, due to the folding of flaps and the crunching of certain corners. The stresses that a box is put under in the van and while being lifted is no different. Even if it is treated with care, and box will lose its integrity in the places that is has been taped, and where boxes have been stacked, and it is these sorts of faults that make them almost useless for re use.

If a new box has some breakables in and a heavier box falls on it, then the rigidity of the corners and sides should protect the contents from damage, unless the other box is particularly heavy. On its second use, this box will have lost enough of its rigidity that damage is much more likely, so you can see why it is not wise to save money in this manner, as you stand to lose a lot more than a mere fifty pounds if your valuable items are all smashed when something falls on them, or they themselves fall out of the bottom of a weak older box!

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