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Scheduling For A Home Removal Takes Some Preparing
27 June 2014
Moving house is a big job for everyone. You may be fortunate and have a few months to prepare or it may be a speedy removal within weeks. Most people can take it in their stride, but nevertheless it is a stressful experience. It is a time consuming job and takes a lot of detailed planning for it to go reasonable smoothly. Though everyone is different and has different incidents, here are some tips to help cover the main approach to the perfect house relocation. 1. When to make the first preparationsAs soon as you have put your house on the market it is a good idea to start having a clear out. Even if it takes time to sell, it will save valuable time, as there are a lot of other processes to go through. Sell unused items that are in good order either by advertising in local papers or online or attending car boot sales. If you can’t sell certain things donate to local charities in the area and ask for details on delivery or pick up services. Recycle or dump rubbish that is not needed any more; there are specialist companies to help with this. 2. Which method of removal services will you require?After having a good clear out you can access the situation as to whether you can do the removal yourself or you need to hire a professional removal company. It depends on what your budget is for most cases. If your money is limited then you may prefer to do the DIY approach and hire a moving van. This means you will be loading your possessions yourself and transporting it yourself. You could hire a man and van service if you want a smaller firm and the assistance of a skilled driver to provide a helping hand with the loading, driving and unloading. Or you may want to use a removal company for a larger load and have help with packing, loading, delivery and unloading. 3. When the sale is made, what to do nextYou have had a clear out, and made the decision of what moving service you will need. So whether your house sells or you are at the end of your tenancy agreement, dates are set to move on. This is where the work starts. You need to book your removal firm. Call removal firms in your area and request meetings to discuss your requirements. Ask for consultations and quotes then when you are pleased with the results book your date. Enquire about important cancellation fees if your encounter rescheduling. Also check out overtime charges, overnight stays if you are moving further afield. Keep your company informed on any changes and updates. 4. Acquire packing suppliesAfter you have finalized a moving date you need to get the real packing done. You can buy moving kits that supply all the packing supplies you will need. You will need to measure the contents and describe your belongings to order enough boxes to cover the move. If this is out of your price range then call and ask at local shops and furniture stores for used cardboard boxes. Ask friends and family for used moving boxes. Though they may not be perfect, don’t fill them too heavy. 5. Packing securely, loading and unpackingBuy plenty of labels, strong tape and bubble wrap for the packing. You will also need a trolley to help move larger awkward furniture such as wardrobes and heavy electrical appliances. You will need to have a detailed inventory of the content each box. Label clearly and make sure your new address is marked clearly.

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