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Removals - the Must-Haves
04 December 2013

Removals – the Must-Haves


Moving house is easy when you know how. The more often you do it the easier moving will become. Months before you move, you need to start taking those big steps towards a smarter and smoother move. Make sure you use space, time and your money wisely to make moving out a piece of cake. Follow these very simple tips for moving like a professional.

Space to hold your possessions and packed-up valuables is vital. Whether it’s a hired storage centre or a friend’s garage, or even your own home, there is no point planning a big removal without the space to accommodate what you own. The best way to work out how much space you need is choose an average sized room where you live already and visualise how many bags and boxes you can fit with a little space left over. From there you can calculate roughly how much storage and space you may need to hire.

Time is a healer. But more importantly, time is what every mover needs to get the job done sufficiently and as quick and easy as possible. Use time wisely, plan days for packing, plan times for moving and of course, make sure you plan some time out to rest. It can be a big, unwanted job, packing up and moving but the end product is so worth it. Use time carefully and wisely and you’ll certainly avoid any big rush or panic leading up to the final days, hours and minutes of moving.

So once you know how much you’re taking, what you’re leaving or what you’re throwing, you’ll need something, someone or a group of people to help you with the big move. Again, it’s so important to plan your move. You might have packed up a load of stuff already and on the day of the move you have nothing to carry the load in. If your small car won’t suffice, think about van hire. Weigh up costs and your options so you won’t be in for any nasty surprises. The trick is to find suitable transport that doesn’t burn a big hole in your wallet.

Boxes, cases, fold-up bags: the list goes on. You’ll need suitable materials to help you move. From coloured markers toA4 paper built for list-making. You need to prepare yourself and get organised. Use bags for clothing, boxes for shoes, large containers for miscellaneous items and finally, label them. If you forget to label, unpacking will cause you unbelievable amounts of stress so you will need to make sure you’ve clearly labelled your ‘books and bits’ and ‘essentials’ boxes before you go.

Team of experts
For the big move you’ll without a doubt need a team of people to help you plan it, help you with any financial costs and overall, offer you advise. Bring in the team of expertise! The accountant, the man with a van, the estate agent – they are all there to help you so take advantage of the help they are offering and you’ll find the world is lifted from your shoulders.

The big move
Once you’ve followed these simple, yet effective, steps to removal, you should be pretty clued up and wise enough by now to make the big move. Make sure you follow these guidelines carefully and take your time, rushing into a move can only end in disaster. Make sure you’re aware of where you’re moving to and you tie up any loose ends before you leave.

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