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Professional Packers – Five Reasons to Hire Them
04 December 2013

 Professional Packers – Five Reasons to Hire Them


When moving house or office, the packing is one of the most time consuming and stressful parts of the process. When it’s your own belongings, you will naturally take longer over the packing up: sorting, deciding whether to bin or sell things and reminiscing. When you’re also trying to work, putting your home into boxes can be time that you can ill afford.

There are several reasons why people don’t use professional packing services. The principal one is cost. But, by shopping around, you can compare quotes and negotiate the price tag down. Another reason is the lack of personal connection with your prized possessions. You might imagine that others doing the packing means they simply don’t take as much care with your valuables and possessions. And there’ll be no discrimination – they will just pack everything, down to the last empty crisp packet or toilet roll, whereas you would chuck those in the trash. But here are five good reasons to hire them.

1. Time: this is at a premium when you’re moving. Often, you suddenly find you have only a matter of days left before completion day. Things move all too fast, especially when you also have a full-time job and a family to care for. Whereas you might take a good month in packing, squeezing it into those couple of spare hours in an evening, packing services can achieve the same in a couple of days. This frees up your time enormously to focus on slimlining what needs to be packed, selling off and donating what you don’t need. Cleaning up and making good any repairs.

2. Insurance: it’s a little known fact that some of the removals companies, including the big brand names, will NOT cover your goods in transit unless they’ve packed them. This applies especially to your breakables, such as china and glass. So check the small print very carefully on your quotes. If the movers do have this type of clause, you’ll need to organise specific insurance at cost. Or just save that money by using their packing service.

3. Ruthlessness: when it’s our own goods, we tend to take a lot longer, pondering over every item. The decision is whether to bring it to the new house, make some money by selling it off, throwing it in the bin or donating it, for example to a charity shop. Professional packers have no such qualms. They simply work fast and thoroughly, packaging it all up without taking any trips down memory lane.

4. Protection: most of us only do a single figure of house moves in our lives. So, we’re not that experienced at how to pack. Removals firms on the other hand do this every single day. They know just how to pack every box so that it can be moved safely. They have to take responsibility, because it’s their money on the line if there is a breakage. They have the right materials and the knowledge to protect your valuables in a way that we as individuals usually don’t.

5. Cost savings in the long run: though the initial cost may be higher in hiring professional packers, consider the potential savings. These include insurance charges for covering the move when you’ve packed yourself. Then, there’s the cost of replacing goods that are damaged in transit if the packing is not of a professional standard. This can include water damage (it always seems to rain on moving day), breakage and simply old staining and dirt. Professional packing services bring their own trusted materials and just have the expertise – and financial incentive – to get it right every time. If anything DOES get damaged, you’ll get full compensation.

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