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Packing Tips for Office Moves
04 December 2013

Packing Tips for Office Moves


Office moving can be taxing, considering the complexity of the material that needs moving added to the little control one has in such situations due to stringent company policies. Companies may have very specific guidelines in place for office moving and you have to make sure that these guidelines or rules are followed to perfection to avoid any hassle.

Moving office is not like moving houses, and there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind before attempting to move. First of all, you need to prepare at least a couple of months before the moving day. The company is not going to shut down or observe a holiday while you are attempting to move office. Therefore, you will have to plan ahead as to how you are going to move the office without disturbing the rest of the people or without interrupting the routine of your company.

Make sure that you have every item in your office noted down on paper. Make separate lists for distinguishable items, such as, a separate list each for furniture, stationary items, electronics, decorations, etc. Check out the new office location thoroughly and see what it needs. You would not want to spend hours clearing your office and then realise that you do not need the stuff. Cross out the items from the list that you do not want moved and focus on the ones that are on the list.

Hire office moving professionals in order to make it a professional affair. Those experts know how to move offices without bringing the whole building down. Once the moving day is near, start packing the stuff. Do not leave everything for the last day. Get good packing boxes of different sizes and start packing with the stuff that you need the least, such as, decorations. If you start almost a week before the moving day, you will be able to get everything packed perfectly and that too without straining yourself too much. Pack sturdy stuff at the bottom and fragile stuff on top. Make sure you provide some padding for all breakable items to save them.

Labelling is a very important habit to cultivate while packing and moving. Once you label the boxes, you can easily locate even the smallest thing that you are looking for without having to upturn all the boxes. As you keep packing, keep making entries on a piece of paper that you can later stick to the outside of the box. Try to pack all categories of things separately. In this respect, label the box with decorations as decorations and paste the list of items inside the box on one side of the box. Secure the box properly using glue/packing tape on both sides. Continue with other packing.

If there are employees that are moving with you, ensure that they follow the same advice. Let everyone be involved at an individual level rather than as a collective force. Pack all electronic items in the boxes they came in with all the padding that was provided with it. Make sure you disassemble the electronics before trying to pack them up. All the important documents and possessions should be packed safely and separately. Try to carry the box on your own or let one of the trusted employees carry move it for you.

Let the office removal professionals do the rest of the packing and the moving for you but make sure that you keep a keen eye on them. You do not want to disturb anyone who is not a part of the moving.

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