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How To Pack Your Possessions For Your Move To E15
04 December 2013

 How To Pack Your Possessions For Your Move To E15


When you are moving house there will naturally be a huge amount of things that you will be concerned with. The most prevalent one however, will usually be the condition of your items throughout the move, and insuring their safety can be boiled down to quite a few factors. While you will not be able to have an eye on how they are being handled at all times, you can do quite a bit to save them while you are in the packing process, so here is our handy guide as to how to pack your possessions for your move to E15.

Firstly, make sure that you know what you need. There are the obvious things like boxes, tape, packing paper and bubble wrap, but sometimes you will need extras, depending on the situation and conditions of your moving process. If you are stretched quite thinly by the whole thing, and you have to juggle a great deal of things at once, then you will be wanting to save as much time as possible. In this situation there are services on offer that you can hire where a professional E15 packer will assist you while you are doing other things. If this sounds like a spend too far, then there are tools that you can use to speed things up. The best item that you can buy to make everything that little bit quicker is a tape dispenser. This handy tool will stop you having to find the end of the tape and cut the right length each time, as you can just push the dispenser across any opening and it will cut with the flick of a finger. This tool can also be great as it will save wasting tape when the stuff gets stuck to itself, as well as stopping your teeth from getting sore from biting the tape in order to cut it more quickly.

Marker pens are an essential but often overlooked part of packing. If you want your move and unpack to be very efficient, then a great way to speed things up and avoid any unnecessary confusion is to write the names of the room to which each box belongs, so that the movers put everything where it is meant to be. Also useful is to note down a rough list of that which is inside the box, so that you can locate things more quickly and easily, as well as avoiding opening other boxes!

When you are packing take special care to make sure that the boxes are not overly heavy. This means separating out heavy items into separate boxes, especially books. If the weight is too much then the E15movers may get injured and you will likely face extra charges. Heavy boxes can also be dangerous inside the van, as they may fall and crush other boxes, damaging the items inside. Considering this, packing your fragile items should be treated in the same way. Pack each item with adequate bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in a special box that should be kept separate from the rest of the heavier boxes. This should mean that you can avoid any disasters! If you can, be conservative with the amounts of packing you use, as things like bubble wrap are particularly bad for the environment, and need to be recycled. Using recycled paper, or old newspapers is a much more environmentally friendly way of doing things.

We hope our little guide will help you with the move, and wish you all the luck in the world in your new home!

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