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Find the Best Storage Facilities in your Area
04 December 2013

Find the Best Storage Facilities in your Area


When you are moving home you may suddenly discover that certain things that you really want to keep are actually the wrong size for your house! in this case, you will likely need to look in to getting some storage sorted out, and as this can be a task with many pitfalls, we have compiled some starting hints and tips to help you find the best storage facilities in your area. Each person needs a different set of factors from their storage, so we cannot give you the definitive list of things to look out for, but we can point you in the direction of finding the right storage for you and your move.

Start by working out how much storage you need. It can be hard to estimate, and really difficult thing to work out exactly, but there are some ways in which to consider your items that should put them in to a more manageable perspective. Start by working out the volume of one of the smaller rooms in your house, and align it with the sizes of units that are available in a typical storage facility. Can you visualize all of your items fitting in to that room? How does the room compare with the price of the unit that it is closest to? If you are not convinced that you have judged it correctly, then it may be worth packing your items into the corner of a room or garage and putting tape in straight lines along the ground and walls to get the measurements of a room around it. With these measurements you can work out what you can afford. Always get a unit that has a little more space than you absolutely need, as it will prevent any upset should you arrive and find that you have calculated badly, or in case you need to add to your stored items list along the way.

It is important that you only store that which you really need to put away. There is no point in holding on to worthless items, as it will only increase the amount of work you have in moving them about, as well as the price of the storage that you need to keep them. You should only store valuable items that you can see yourself needing in the not too distant future, otherwise you should sell things on, either on the internet or at a car boot sale, where you can get rid of cheaper items very quickly by pricing down.

You should be very wary of where you store your items, as the price will likely be largely affected by the variants of rent that the area has in place. Inner city storage will be much more expensive, as the ground rent is of a premium, so it may well be worth heading into the country side to get more space for your cash. That said, if you will be visiting the unit quite often, then it is worth doing the maths to make sure that you are not wasting money on travel, and making a loss rather than saving your hard earned money.

The condition of your items is important as well. Some units will be susceptible to damp and harsh weather changes, which can rot furnishings and warp wood, so if your items are valuable then make sure that they are housed appropriately. There can be nothing worse than paying through the nose in order to hold on to a valuable item, and finding that it has become completely worthless, due to the place that you have been paying so much for!

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